Northern Lights Smock Dress by Little Green Radicals


Capture the imagination of any little stargazer or explorer with this magical planet print on a luxuriously soft poplin cotton smock dress.

London based Little green Radicals began in 2005 with a passion for fair trade and a quirky sense of humour. Buying products made from Fairtrade organic cotton ensures that the farmers receive a fair and stable price for their cotton, giving them and their families stability. Through Fairtrade, thousands of cotton farmers have already improved their lives. Cotton co-operatives have become better organised and women are receiving the same treatment as men, from voting rights to equal pay.

When you buy a Little Green Radicals piece you will always be buying an organic product where no harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, formaldehyde or dangerous dyes are used. This means the clothes are softer and better for babies and kids particularly those with allergies or eczema. Finally because the cotton has not been broken down with chemicals, the clothing will last much longer and always wash incredibly well.