Welcome to No Pink Please and thank you for taking the time to discover us.

The idea grew shortly before the birth of my son. As motherhood approached, I found myself disheartened by the separation of boys and girls clothing on the commercial market. Early shopping trips showed such expectations for him to be a certain, stereotypical way. He may embrace these, but I would like him to have the opportunity to explore, to grow up with the confidence to make his own choices. So No Pink Please was born, hoping to offer an alternative, another choice to the gendered marketing so apparent on our high streets. 

My aim is to sell ethical, independent brands whose ethos resonates with mine. Brands that create fun, unisex designs, whose clothing is age-appropriate and inspires playful young minds! 

I believe our children should be allowed the opportunity to grow up without being immediately judged by their gender. The name No Pink Please should be taken as tongue'n'cheek. It’s not about banning girls from wearing dresses or pink, or not allowing boys toy cars or trucks. It’s about allowing them the freedom to fulfil their full potential whatever path they choose. 

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